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tonight. live from san jose international, stephanie traung. >>> how to best prevent oakland from shootings and sheet violence. the safety committee voted to brought in extra help. but it won't say about the figure at that decision. jean elle is in oakland where that meeting has been going on for hours. and they kind of passed the buck. >> reporter: the safety committee listened to hours of emotional testimony. mostly from people concerned about bill bratton's tactics. after a rowdy meeting, the committee voted to support outside help but not bill bratton. they say his reputation is just too toxic. hundreds of people at an oakland public safety meeting booed police chief howard jordan. >> let the public speak. >> reporter: stopping the chief from explaining why he supports to spend $250,000 to hire police chief bill bratton for advice on how to stop violent crime in oakland. >> why don't you go and have howard jordan buy his book on amazon. >> reporter: local opponents say bratton won't offer improvement but will deliver the controversial stop and frisk policy they say leads to pr
, to a follow-up on a breaking story we brought you at 6:00, a fire ignited by squatters in oakland this evening. drivers of nearby interstate 80 could see the fire as they passed by. police arrested three people that climbed on a nearby rooftop on escape the frames. -- escape the flames. we were told seven people were living inside the vacant house. >> it was abandoned and they were all sharing housing. and they all trained each other how to get out in case of emergency. >> the flames were hard to put out because the stairs inside were destroyed. it was too dangerous for firefighters to go in. despite how difficulty it was, no one was hurt. >> bill bratton is coming to oakland. his focus, how to reduce crime with community involvement. more on why the community is divided on his new role. >> after living in oakland for 56 years, ray got caught in a hail of bullets. >> we were screaming and the guns were firing away. and all total, they shot around 17 rounds at the cars. hitting my car, and striking my vehicle seven times. >> he is the policy adviser for larry reed, the shooting makes the heated
morrison about this investigation. so watch it, go to >>> just in, oakland police are investigating the city's fourth homicide in a single day. this late rest shooting happened around 8:15 tonight on hillside street, not far from bishop high school. the man pronounced dead at the scene. it's oakland's sixth homicide of the new year, all of them happened this week. >>> the intensifying fight over gun control is national. but tonight, it becomes very local. a gun show is the focus of people on both sides of the issue. jean elle has more on what's expected this weekend. >> reporter: thousands of people concerned about maintaining their gun rights are expected to come here to the cow palace for a gun show tomorrow, and will be met by people who live in the neighborhood, people who want gun shows here banned. >> it will be 18 years in april. i've been doing this, my little brother been dead 18 years. >> reporter: shawn richards started brothers against guns after his brother was shot and killed in 1995. he's still fighting to get guns off the street because violence con
. >> it is relative to settling lawsuits -- >> reporter: an emotional meeting about how to effectively police oakland attracts hundreds of people. many waiting for hours for a chance to voice their opinion about a $250,000 proposal to hire formal police chief bill bratton to help o.p.d. get a handle on daily violent crime. jessica says the support of stop and frisk will put young men of color at risk. >> we happen to have an unfortunate skin color. i hate to say it like that. i have pride in who i am. >> reporter: the mother to be said if oakland invests in what she calls unconstitutional policing her unborn son will grow up to be a target for police. >> i didn't think it would be like. this i kept saying i wanted a girl. >> reporter: supporters are just as emotional begging the council to act if it will help stop the bloodshed in oakland when you can't walk down the street and be safe, when you can't go to school. you can't because it is just a war zone that's going on. we need a bill bratton as a strategist. >> reporter: some say they stacked the crowd, sending e-mail blasts urging residents who su
in a long standing dispute. the sticking points cuts the benefits and sick leave. we are live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. also in oakland, a gold rush at the oakland museum of california. police are searching for a stolen artifact worth $800,000. thieves broke in yesterday and made off with the gold rush era quartz and gold box depicting early california. it is closed on monday as is traditional for mu seems. it's the second break in in receipt months. back in november thieves made off with gold nuggets and other artifacts. they read the receipt break in is a loss not only to the museum, but the community and the objects convey the heritage and the stories of the people. >> they're took matters into their own hands. police investigating burglary cases in which the would be victims double as crime fighters. in one case the intruder ended up dead. both happened during the day in the east bay city. one on lehman and the other on canyon oaks circle. police say a homeowner confronted a man breaking into his home. he wrestled him to the ground and stand the suspect in the neck
of great stuff out there. that's going to go to help the oakland museum of california. let's look at the doppler radar. nothing in terms of heavy rainfall for tonight. expect drizzle to continue for the east bay, south bay and for the peninsula. let's take you outside to the live camera network. we do have the low cloud cover and the areas of mist and drizzle, visible on the h.d. camera lens. it has improved air quality over the last six hours. also up into san francisco, no heavy rainfall, but those roadways are slick. we had subtropical moisture feeding into the cold front today. that kept the showers lingering around. six to eight hours longer than some of the forecast models expected. that's going to kick toward the east tomorrow. but here comes another system. unfortunately, it's not going to be a dry weekend. we're not looking at a large storm. but we're expecting the areas of showers, sun and some clouds. and another reinforcing shot of cold air. that's going to drop temperatures as we head through saturday and sunday. jacket weather as we head into the upcoming weekend. 42
of field operations. moore leaves his post this friday. >>> this will be a pivotal 24 hours in oakland. the city council will decide whether to hire a high-profile police consultant at tomorrow's meeting. laws have been resisted by oakland voters. that's what nypd william bratton is known for. and the city has proposed hiring him for $150,000 consultant contract. bratton is known for new york's stop and frisk policy, which was declared a violation of civil rights by a federal judge last week. critics of bratton expect to show up. >>> a shooting happened right in the afternoon. the city's gunshot detection system alerted police to that crime. officers responded and found 24-year-old jonathan behind an oakland street. he had been shot multiple times. a second victim showed up with gunshot wounds, as well. he's listed in critical condition. >>> a warning for women after a violent attack in a popular san francisco neighborhood. here's a sketch of a suspect that was released today. police say he tried to rape a 31-year-old woman in the mission district earlier this month. the victim says th
at the oakland zoo veterinary hospital. it's a story that has already hit national headlines, thanks to possibly the most bizarre part, why he got the gator back in 1986. >> he said he got it to commemorate the death of tupac shakur. truth is stranger than fiction in many cases. that's the case today. you can't make this up. >> reporter: and this alligator set to be in quarantine at the oakland zoo for 30 days, that's protocol, to make sure there are no parasites, to make sure it's healthy before figuring out its final ending spot. mayor is in jail in lieu of $160,000 bail and is set to make his first court appearance tomorrow afternoon. live in san leandro, stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> we have new details on a story we first brought you last night at 11:00. a bitter breakup could have led to a woman to orchestrate a home invasion in pittsburg, targeting her husband. police say a man broke into a unit at the via serena apartment complex on leland road yesterday. the resident of the apartment stabbed the intruder to death. police say the break-in was a plot devised by the
every time that happens. >> reporter: jordan says violence in oakland will slow when witnesses start cooperating with investigators. the man who was living in this block for 30 years says he is not sure what the solution is. >> other than having a police officer on every corner around this neighborhood, this is not much you can do. maybe educate the people more. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: well, tonight, that 8-year-old girl is recovering from her ordeal. and police are looking for help from witnesses. but help from witnesses is something that police in this city have come to not expect. hive in oakland, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >>> the massive refinery fire has cost chevron $10 million so far. that's according to the report that chevron filed with contra costa county. that report was filed today it affected by the fire as well as area hospitals as well as local agencies. in the report, chevron says it's expanding testing to detect thinning pipes and increasing employee training to try to prevent similar accidents. the august 6th fire was caused by a corroded pi
. a dadly chain reaction crash snarled traffic on 880 and oakland for two hours tonight. all northbound lanes were shut down near the high street exit just until about 10:00 tonight. police say the driver hit the center divide around 8:00. then the man got out of his car and ran across several lanes of traffic. he was struck by several vehicles and killed. >>> a safety expert says that if you are in an accident drive off the highway if you can. if you cannot, stay in your car and turn it off. officers say resist the urge to get out and get help to avoid dangerous and potentially fatal conditions that could affect your safety. >>> it was a race against the clock as a dive team in a south bay searched cold and murky waters for a woman whose car crashed this afternoon. it was on the expressway in san jose. despite the team's best efforts, that woman died. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is at the scene tonight with more on what happened and what could have led to that crash. kimberly. >> reporter: kris, emergency crews were out here for three hours today. once the woman was taken out of the
were shot to death in the span of a few hours yesterday afternoon in oakland. the shootings happened from west to east oakland, and all took place within a time span of about six hours. this is the scene from the most recent shooting that happened around 8:15 last night. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. police say they believe all four homicides are gang related and have not made any arrests at this point. >>> we have new information on the beating death of a 14-year-old boy in san jose last spring. police have made another arrest in the case. 31-year-old joe chaverio was taken into custody. police say he was the last suspect wanted in the death of harry reyes, who was attacked by several team in san jose's roosevelt park last april. >>> hundreds gathered to remember the people who were killed in that city in 2012. 68 people consider killed in san francisco and today, 68 held crosses in their honor. that represented much more than one life. >> for me, that's very powerful. i spent 23 1/2 years incarcerated because i took a person's life, and to hold this cross in honor of so
-old man was killed and several others hurt when an suv they were chasing crashed in the oakland hills overnight. the chase started in el cerrito at about 2:00 this morning. police asked for assistance from chp when they tried to stop a stolen suv. the suv was packed with eight people between the ages of 15 and 19 and the driver raced down i-0 and on to 580 before it crashed in the oakland hills in a tree. two people were ejected from the car. the man who died was from antioch and the driver fled the scene and still at large tonight. >>> two people were rescued from the bay this afternoon after a tugboat pushing a barch crashed into their sailboat and sank it. the crash happened around 3:00 just west of the golden gate bridge. two people were on the sailboat and both pulled to safety, one by the coast guard and another by the crew of a san francisco fire boat. one had to be treated for hypothermia. police are searching for two men and two women who broke into one home last week and they have strong evidence thanks to the homeowners. take a look an the surveillance video. mark rivetti t
but bay area wide, including the inner east bay and oakland. freeze warning for some of the coldest temperatures by tomorrow morning. especially south of san jose into the mid to upper 20s as you wake up tomorrow morning, so you could have some patchy ice or frost and another change we're seeing in the forecast now it looks like the chilly temperatures and subfreezing temperatures are going to be sticking around longer now in our seven-day forecast. looking at that coming up in the complete forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, rob. >>> apartment complex in san jose has been without hot water for more than a week now and the beam who live there are mostly elderly and disabled. they say they want a solution and fast, especially during the freezing temperatures. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is there with what's happen ing there. >> reporter: diane, it is cold out here in san jose. tonight it's expected to get into the 20s and 30s in some spots. and that's bad news for 200 tenants who have been without hot water, some tell us it's been a nightmare. >> everybody is frustrated. every
college in oakland and killing seven people will be back in court tomorrow. he will learn where he will be held until he is deemed competent to stand trial. it is believed he will wind up at napa state hospital where he will receive treept for schizophrenia and will receive medication for the same condition. the court will get progress reports every 90 days. authorities say he, a former university student, planned the killing spree at the school that caters to korean immigrants after he became angry with school officials over a tuition dispute. >>> a pileup in san jose earlier tonight sent a dozen people to hospital. the crash happened around 6:30 this evening at the intersection of highway 101 and interstate 880. of those seven vehicles were involved remarkably there were no serious injuries. the chp is investigating what triggered that pileup. >>> and if you saw heavy black smoke over the santa clara valley this morning it was from a fire burning at a cupertino cement plant. truck equipment and tires caught fire a little before 6:00 this morning on the 24,000 block of stevens cre
of steven bagland. both attended at an office complex on old oakland road near brokaw. a argument led to bangalan being stabbed. he was taken to the hospital and died shortly after arriving. >>> a search for a teenaged daughter after she went missing on new year's eve. we want to show you a photograph of 19-year-old elisa burn. she was at the snow globe music festival in south lake tahoe. she attended that concert with some friends, and was staying at the horizon casino resort. police say around 11:30 on new year's eve, she took a shuttle back to the hotel without her friends. that was the last time they saw her. the family is tonight pleading for her safe return. >> please come home. we love you. we miss you. and there is no repercussion of anything. we just want you home. >> south lake tahoe police are looking at surveillance video from the casino, but say they have no leads as to where elisa might be. >>> too much to handle. a peninsula city is pleading for help and declaring a local emergency. the recent storms flooded parts of east palo alto and even caused the shutdown of 101 ne
. this incident after in 2009 when four oakland police officers were gunned down. tonight we've got a chopper overhead trying to look for two men. it's been blocked off for about four blocks on seminary. linked again to the shooting of a police officer. police say it happened just after 6:20 when that officer, an undercover cop was working here, trying to get more information on a weekend shooting that happened in the area. but while he was here, police say three armed men confronted him and before backup could arrive, the undercover officer was shot in the arm. police immediately set up this perimeter, and one man is in custody. while we were here, we did see one man appeared cuffed. we do not know if he was another suspect in custody or if he's just a person of interest. the good news again, the officer is okay, taken to a local hospital. but people we spoke with here told us this has become a common scene. >> i stay here, there was a shooting last week. there's been a lot going on up in here. it's oakland, california. you know, so you know what you got to do is be aware. but seminary, you
, an officer in oakland has bb shot. >> stephanie, how is the officer doing? >> reporter: the good news is the officer is in stable condition recovering at a local hopt. the scene just cleared, plenty of glass here on the ground. now, this was the first thing the officers responded to tonight when they heard gunshots from just a couple blocks away. >> an officer called for asis tachbs. >> that aurves was one of two at 4 th and east 12. his partner fired kbak. witnesses say may hurt anyone from four-six shottings. >> was able to take him into custody and recover his firearm. >>> monday night, on the 1700 block of seminary avenue was also shot. lis have made five arrests. they say they've woent stop until everyone involved is so responsible. >> where does that stop? that is the most dangerous person that we need to review off of oush street. >>> as for this afternoon, seen here, we talked to the family members are the victims of one car. roshting lye, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, stefdny. >>> fire fighters are battling a five-alarm fire. firefighters say the fire appears to have started
-- coldest temperature ts. east bay, 39 in livermore. 36 in oakland. south bay, numbers are widespread dropping into the 30s. santa theresa, los gatos, and 39. already at the hour. south bay, colder than where you should be for the average morning low. get a look at the freeze warning where it is critical, north bay, east bay, south bachy. not only tomorrow morning. saturday morning. several days of morning temperatures below 30 degrees in the areas we highlighted not only that could kill sensitive plants. but also, possibly produce crop damage. the north bay will have the coldest zone of 25 to 29 for the morning hours. right here, the bay, a frost advisory. not as cold. you need to protect plants and bring the pets in. a few tips. common sense. jacket, layers. also with that car in the morning. make sure you have clear visibility out car windows. take time to warm it up. we have that forecast and we'll warm it up in the seven day forecast coming up. >> jeff see, you shortly. new at 11:00. families of two victims of the shooting last year at the university, filed wrongful death suits a
hospital in fremont are cutting hundreds of jobs. administrators told the oakland tribune they have no choice but to eliminate 200 full-time positions. but can the hospital legally do this? washington hospital gets property tax funds through voter-approved bonds, so it must follow the same public meeting laws as the city council. instead, leaders reportedly discussed the cuts behind closed doors without any public notice and did not hold a vote. when asked about the legality of this issue, a lawyer for the hospital told the tribune that public notice was not required. >>> researchers have an answer for pregnant women worried that getting the flu vaccine could put their babies at risk. it won't. it turns out the most dangerous course of action is not getting the flu shot. the study looked at more than 117,000 pregnancies in norway. it found that women who caught the flu while pregnant had almost twice the chance of miscarriage. even if women got the flu after getting vaccinated, they were much less likely to miscarry. >>> the big question, what will you be watching this sunday, the 4
. the year before i retire was a down year, and then oakland was a down year. so i don't really live on numbers. i really live on impact and what you're able to do out on that field. i really do think i'm the greatest receiver to ever play this game. >> reporter: with all that he has accomplished in his nfl career, there is one thing randy moss has never been able to do in his entire football career that he says he is looking forward to after he does decide to retire, and that's experience a true football tailgate, he says complete with all the food and drink. in new orleans with the 49ers, mindi bach, nbc bay area. >>> and then there is alex smith. no podium, but a lot of questions. the starter for nine games, lost his job after being concussed, replaced by colin kaepernick. will he be around? is he staying around? and does he like these questions? the answer, not really. >> is it frustrating? >> no. >> how difficult has it been to be in this role? >> i mean, we're in the super bowl. you know, this is a great thing. yeah, would i love to be playing? of course. but i'm not. i don't g
in the bay area before last week's home invasion. >>> the east bay now, the clock is ticking, but the oakland police department will continue its partnership with the chp. the chp is working with the city to fight violent crime. that partnership was supposed to end later this week. tonight, though, chp announced that the alliance will continue for another 30 days. however, the state grant that paid for the chp's help will still end this week. oakland is now going after more state and federal money for the funding. >>> well, after more than four years, a bittersweet homecoming for a lost dog. >> i'm george kiriyama live in mountain view. oreo has been on the run for years. he is now become home, but can't be reunited with his owner just yet. i'll tell you what is next for dog, coming up. >>> also, a young 49ers fan waiting for a heart transplant has a special message for the team. we'll show you that message next. >>> good evening. i'm laurence scott on the streets of new orleans. the crescent city is coming alive. the fans are arriving with the super bowl just days away. we're about to take y
jose. on your right, 880 through oakland. we've heard of the water pooling on the roadways and we know the chp is responding to several accidents. we bring in rob who is tracking the latest round of wet and cold weather. of course, everybody wants to know, it will last the whole weekend? >> there's some good news as we wrap up the weekend. here's why you're seeing some problems on our roadways. generally for most of the bay area, looking at a quarter inch or less. to the south bay, san jose, a tenth of an inch. scots valley, especially on the ocean facing side on highway 17 as you head over there. that's where we're seeing the heavier rain right now in the middle of the santa clara valley from los gatos, the downtown san jose. thing have quieted down for now around san francisco and the tri-valley. north of 580, things have quieted. we'll continue to see periods of briefly heavy rain as the system continues to spin slowly to the south. coming up, we'll let you know how much this limb pact the rest sunday plans coming up in the rest of the weekend forecast. >> all right. thanks. >>> a s
. federal prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss that oakland case. it will be heard on january 31st. >>> decision day could come for gay marriage this summer. the supreme court will hear two arguments of laws affecting gay marriage in march. the first is on prop 8 that voters approved in 2008. if the supreme court agrees that same-sex marriage could agree statewide it would happen in days within the decision. there's a state law for couples to denied benefits available to heterosexual couples. >>> they're picky and hungry and paid to eat. it's the ultimate foody challenge. we'll show you the tasty task underway at one of the bay area's most secret labs. >>> also -- >> it's an obvious cover-up scandal that people don't want to admit. >>> also ahead, rewriting history. the wright brothers get plenty of credit for being aviation pioneers. who was behind that third flight? one group says it started with a man in the south bay. >>> and it's the hottest show on the strip. scott budman in vegas gives us a sneak peek at an amazing camera. >>> and we are tracking a dense fog advisory for the
it's 37 in n -- oakland, 48, and san mateo 43. and 44 in san jose. let's go outside to the sky camera network. we are getting slight warming at this hour, and that same system is pruzing haze again. poor air quality will be a problem as we go through the forecast. clear skies right now in san francisco. what we are finding on the weather board as we look at the pacific, is any sign of storm activity is not 1,000 miles out the here but about 2,000 miles and you can see it clearly arcing off to the north. that is due to the circulation around high pressure. with that said, you will get your sunshine for this weekend and you will get plenty of mild temperatures. let's get a look on who will get in on some of the heat. as we go through saturday, half moon bay looks to hit 70, beach weather mixed in here. walnut creek 70 and dpil roy 70 and san francisco close with upper 60s. this is quite a bit of a jump. again, it will come a a cost with the spare the air in effect. with the worst air quality in the north and also for the central bay tomorrow. may want to limit that outdoor exposer if yo
local airports. the tsa will remove eight canners from san jose international and the five at oakland international. they don't use them. the transportation security administration said it's getting rid of the machines because the company could not come up with ways to fix concern over privacy. travelers will still be asked to get a body scan but one that creates a generic image. >> dangerous sur of and strong rip currents caused trouble for surfers at more than one bay area beach. organizers are predicting monster waves for tomorrow's contest. this is one of those times where we say leave it to the professionals, monte. >> reporter: chris, that's right. the sign here behind me warns of rip currents. that's exactly what caused some trouble for surfers here at ocean beach today and also at dylan beach in marin. all of the surfers are okay tonight. a coast guard helicopter hovered near seal rock this afternoon and a rescue diver was just about to deploy when a a surfer caught by a rip current was finally able to paddle himself to shore. he was one of six surfers caught by the rip curren
local airports. they'll remove eight scanners from san jose international and five from oakland international. the transportation security administration says it's getting rid of the machines nationwide because the company that makes them couldn't come up with a way to fix the concerns regarding privacy. travelers will still be asked to get a body scan that creates a generic image. >>> it's official, california is now experiencing widespread flu activity. we reached that designation just today. so far, five californians younger than 65 have died from the flu. the state doesn't track flu deaths in people over 65. a 98-year-old santa clara county woman did die earlier this month from flu complications. doctors say it's not too late to get the flu shot. they also say wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face. >> a breakthrough with cancer treatment developed in our own backyard. it's already helped a local patient, several local patients who had to fight the most common kind of skin cancer. stephanie, i understand this could lead to a breakthrough treatment with other
kidnapped her in oakland that morning. both suspects were booked into the solano county jail. >>> in san leandro police are search for seven people after yesterday's deadly shootsing at the bay fair b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. says two groups of people started shooting at each other yesterday afternoon. the man in his 40s who was killed we're told was an innocent bystander caught in the cross fire. a woman was also reporter by a bullet and taken to the hospital. investigators searched the neighborhood and found evidence at some homes nearby. but would not elaborate on xakly what they found. so far, only one arrest has been made. a 16-year-old boy detained shortly after the shooting. >>> health care leaders have been urging everyone to get flu shots for months, right? but it turns out that in california at least, only about 60% of health care workers have been vaccinated. that's according to the california department of public health. some in the industry think the shot should be required while others point out there are some good reasons not to get vaccinated. >> some people are allergic.
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